Marquise Eloi: “Next Beautiful World”

“We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children.” -Yoko Ono

Marquise’s documentary short, Next Beautiful World, follows Jean Elade Eloi, the founder of the Hope for Haiti Foundation. A dreamer since the age of 12, Elade has finally reached his goals of transforming his village, Zorange. This film highlights the progress Hope For Haiti has made, as well as the never-ending hope of it’s founder. Next Beautiful World is meant to show its viewers the amazing potential of dreams, no matter how long it takes to reach them. The film is as motivational for the filmmaker Marquise, who, as Elade’s daughter, continues to be inspired by him every day.

Marquise Eloi claims Eugene, Oregon as her hometown but currently resides in Cary, North Carolina. In her time at Duke, she has immersed herself in the fields of visual and media studies and documentary studies.