Josh Stillman: “When You Live in the Country, Everybody is Your Neighbor”

When You Live in the Country, Everybody is Your Neighbor is the product of a near-crippling bluegrass addiction. The photos and interviews taken over two semesters were compiled during countless weekends of dancing,… Continue reading

Marquise Eloi: “Next Beautiful World”

“We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children.” -Yoko Ono Marquise’s documentary short, Next Beautiful World, follows Jean Elade Eloi, the founder of the Hope… Continue reading

Natasha Williams: “Food Angels”

There are many things we take for granted…access to quality food is one of them. Food insecurity is an issue that not only affects those in third world countries, but also affects residents… Continue reading

Jared Ciervo: “DomeCave”

DomeCave is a short audio documentary focused on a unique community of college students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Set in an old run down house off campus, seven male roommates continue a four year-old… Continue reading

Cassidy Fleck: “Acceptance”

Acceptance uses interviews and audio narration to explore the concept of success and failure at an elite university. Cassidy Fleck is an English major from Charlotte, North Carolina. In her time at CDS,… Continue reading

Welcome to Beyond the Front Porch 2012

Hi visitors!  Welcome to Beyond the Front Porch 2012.  Nineteen undergrads completed Certificates in Documentary Studies this spring, and we’re compiling all of their capstone projects here.  Everyone’s still hard at work with… Continue reading