Caitlin Johnson: “Giving Duke Back its Soul”

Caitlin’s audio narrative revisits the dramatic culmination of racial tensions at Duke University following integration in 1963. Giving Duke Back Its Soul: The 1969 Allen Building Takeover uses oral histories, archival documents, and… Continue reading

Michael Naclerio: “Enter as Strangers”

In 2009, Joseph Bushfan, a former bodyguard and fledgling entrepreneur decided to sell hotdogs on what was then the most dangerous corner in Durham, North Carolina. Three years later, the neighborhood is slowly… Continue reading

Aziza-Mistral Sullivan: “Let Them Hear You”

In 2012, Duke put on the largest theater production in its history: Ragtime, a collaboration of the theater, music, and dance departments, as well as student groups Hoof ‘n’ Horn, the Duke Chamber… Continue reading

Nathan Glencer: “Leading to Serve”

The army is often reduced to three words: honor, duty, and country. Realistically the US military is far more complex, and its soldiers more familiar than many civilians think. Leading to Serve considers… Continue reading

Eddie Wu: “A Space of One’s Own”

This series of photographs represents Duke students in their own rooms. Eddie Wu is a senior from Monterey Park, California.   Eddie Wu: "A Space of One's Own" View more documents from beyondthefrontporch2012

Josh Evans: “The Purpose of Money”

Josh Evans’ film, The Purpose of Money, focuses on the paths of the large proportion of students at Duke University who choose to pursue careers in finance. He hopes that the project will… Continue reading

Jean Rheem: “The Social Group”

  Inspired by her experiences at an autism summer camp, Jean has produced two documentary films on autism in hopes of raising awareness. The Social Group is her second film about a group… Continue reading

Lauren Kennedy: “Beyond the Corner”

Beyond the Corner is a short film that explores the role of immigrant day laborers in shaping the Carrboro community by following one of “the corner’s” founding day laborers, Beto Delatorre, in his… Continue reading

Shining Li: “Choose Your Own”

How much control do we actually have — over our relationships, our habits, our lives? This audio art project grapples with the question of free will and the peculiar ways it does and doesn’t… Continue reading

Emma Miller: “Jack and Rose”

Jack and Rose is an audio piece about marriage, sexuality, and falling in love, as told by Emma’s sassy and sagacious Grandma Gloria. In it, Gloria shares stories of being in both a… Continue reading